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we boast over two decades of invaluable expertise in facilitating brand entries into the dynamic Chinese retail market.

With our dedicated team headquartered in Shanghai and a comprehensive retail network spanning the entirety of the nation, we specialize in guiding brands on a transformative journey from inception to prominence in China.

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Our expertise lies in understanding the Chinese consumer market. Collaborating with you, we can assess your brand strategy, encompassing your collections and product offerings. This process will enable us to customize your brand more precisely to resonate with Chinese consumers.



Operating from China, our specialized team collaborates with local brands to amplify your brand's visibility. This is achieved through strategic product seeding and sample loaning, involving collaborations with local artists and influencers. Our adept team can discern and select the most suitable partners aligned with your brand's essence.

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B2B Wholesale 

Boasting a roster of more than 700 fashion retailers, coupled with the diligent efforts of our on-ground personnel stationed in Shanghai, we are well-equipped to steer your brand towards establishing a robust presence and thriving business in China.

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